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Copier Central

Copier Central


You have 7 copier bids from four different manufacturers that all include one common element: they are all giving you exactly what you already have and telling you to throw your printers out the window because they cost $0.06 a page. Sound familiar? We can help.


We have designed this area of our website to be a resource for all.  Have a question or would like to see some additional information posted up?  Let us know and we would be happy to help out.


What do all these terms I hear mean?  Check out our copier, printer and paper terms page below.


Glossary of Copier and Printer Terms


Where can I just find some answers?  Check out our FAQ section.


Copier and Printer FAQ


How Can The Ascher Group Help?


If you don't know which copier or printer is right for your group's needs, or who to get the copier / printer from, or most reliable, or the lowest TCO, or has the best image quality or even whether to use connected copiers, multifunction printers or both contact us to find out how we can help.


Not sure which copier solution is really the best for your group? Our vendor neutral process helps you make a solid business decision, by performing a thorough analysis of copier solutions from all

manufacturers and vendors that match your needs and applications.


We specialize in copier, printer and facsimile consulting for companies of all sizes. The analysis can be as in depth or brief as your needs are. We analyze your documents, output needs, networking needs, printing needs, facsimile needs and system costs. Once all of the data has been gather we can asses your needs and recommend a course of action.


Why do I need to hire someone? Don't the copier vendors offer this too?

Simple, what do you think the odds are of the vendor giving you an unbiased recommendation? None. We are an independent copier consulting firm that is vendor neutral. We work with all manufacturers of copiers, faxes and printers to find the right solutions for our clients.