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Frequently Asked Questions

Does closing the lid on copiers save on the drum life?


Well, not really. The drum life is more a factor of how many copies are made. It could, in extreme situations, save some of the life of the drum but I do mean extreme. If, when you make copies there is a lot of black on the copy that comes out (and it is not a Xerox brand copier) then it might save some of the drum life. A drum is actually a cylinder coated with a photo electric coating. This coating is what starts to wear down over time the more often it is used. In non Xerox brand copiers a laser “writes” the black images on to this drum, charging the drum and allowing for toner to “stick” to the drum. A Xerox copier actually writes white and so would not really be affected by the extra black on a page. Leaving the lid up though can cause other issues. Namely, the extra black trailing and leading edge on the paper can cause the paper to hang up on the fuser or on the exit rollers. If you are getting paper that accordions up when jamming that could very well be the cause.