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The Ascher Group Difference

The Ascher Group unique in each area that we consult in for four reasons.  


  1. The Ascher Group only represents our client's interests.  We do not sell for, or collect commissions from vendors; we are 100% client fee funded in every endeavor.  
  2. The Ascher Group is comprised of industry analysts not ex-sales representatives.  This is crucial because ex-sales representatives can tell you how not to buy a particular commodity item (mostly because they sold it that way for years)
  3. We uphold a higher standard.  We are the only Consulting firm within each of our consulting areas (Document Management Consulting, F&B Consulting, Telecom Consulting and General Procurement Consulting) that are members of the self governing Institute of Management Consultants and have pledged to uphold the IMC's code of ethics.
  4. We are a professional consulting firm specializing in just a few commodities not a cost reduction firm.  Throughout this web site you will see our results in dollars but we are most proud of the fact that we consistently produce system advancements for our clients within the cost savings.


Above all, the Ascher Group is a buyers agent for our clients.  We do not represent, sell for, collect commissions from any of the companies we purchase from.  The Ascher Group, maintains a strict level of ethics that is incorporated in each of our contract, even if the client is protected additionally under the Federal Anti-Kick Back Act.

The Ascher Group represents the best of each industries' analysts covering: Copeir Consulting, Printer Consuting, Document Consulting, Managed Print Serivces Consulting, Telecom Consulting and Food & Beverage Consulting.  As Industry analysts we are not only experts in our respective industries but also experts in aquiring and running these areas.  The Ascher Group is used to being held acountable and even the continuing operation of our reccomendations.