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Frequently Asked Questions

My one vendor keeps telling me that the copier is cheaper to run than my desktop printers but my other vendor says the opposite. Who is right?


Both and neither. Fact is, there is no absolute in this comparison or in any cost comparison for that matter. Most copier and printer reps are speaking from a lack of knowledge or a wealth of misinformation. The copier people will tell you that desktop printers average $0.05 to $0.06 an impression and they could be right. Of course your printer could very easily be costing you $0.01 an impression too and you copier could be at over $0.10 an impression. It all depends on utilization and total cost. The largest difference between the two is toner yield because it tells you the toner cost per impression. Toner yield is based upon a rough figure for page coverage, which means how much of a page is covered by toner. For example a 5% page coverage means that 5% of the page is covered with toner Most printer manufacturers use a 5% page coverage model (which is to say that with copiers you do not have to worry about this because it has been built into your supplies cost per impression). Copier people love to quote desktop printers with coverages between 30% and 40%. The average is actually between 10% and 15%. We get that figure from the copier world where all digital copiers run about 10% to 15% on coverage which is significantly above what analog copiers used to run. The reason the coverage jumped up with digital copier is because most people use them as printers, hence the ability to correlate printer and copier toner coverage.